How to Apply Inlay Stickers (Fretboard)

 Step 1

First of all, string off the guitar string. (If you need to replace the old stings, please remove the strings directly and go to step 3.

(Acoustic Guitar: take off the bridge pins and place it )

 Step 2

Place the strings next to the fretboard. (1st – 3rd strings left side & 4th – 6th strings right side)

 Step 3

Use a dry cloth to clean the surface. (smooth surface gives the ease of installation and longer life to the sticker.)

 Step 4

Use utility knife to separate them.

 Step 5

Take the sticker with the transparent layer and identify the location of stickers. Put slowly from the edge.

 Step 6

After installed in the right spot, put pressure on the sticker by your fingers or guitar pick to make sure the sticker is stuck properly.

Then remove the transparent layer. (After the transparent layer is removed, it is recommended to put pressure again on the sticker.)

 Step 7

Re-String and Tune !! Let’s play it now !

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