How to Apply Inlay Stickers (Headstock or Body)

First of all, Please identify the location of stickers. Use a dry cloth to clean the surface.Put it slowly from the edge. Using a Pick or Nail squeegee the entrire decal suface. Apply pressure to surface. DO NOT remove transfer tape. Remove the backing paper Once you are satisfied with the position, Apply the sticker. […]

How to Apply Inlay Stickers (Binding)

l that is used in this product is “elastic.”(stretching and shrinking).White part is a blank space. First, please catch this part and tear off from a sheet, and begin the work.This part, cuts it later by scissors. Please choose from the following methods 1)Butt joints.Please stick it while pulling it little by little along the […]

Inlay Stickers – Birds Series

 There are several variations of bird fretboard inlays on PRS guitar, and bird inlays are rather sought-after. The bird inlays feature representations of the following species; peregrine falcon (3rd fret), marsh hawk (5th fret), ruby throated hummingbird (7th fret), common tern (9th fret), Coopers hawk (12th fret), kite (15th fret), sparrow (17th fret), storm […]

Soundbrenner Pulse Quick Use

快速使用指南  可佩戴位置 手腕,腳腕,上臂 安裝錶帶 錶帶有彈性輕輕把標帶拉長將攝入吊帶安裝完成 充電 充電時標誌會有橙色光閃動緩 ,完成充電後標誌會呈現綠色 開關 開 : 按表面兩秒,表面標誌及圓環會亮白色燈光 開啟後表面標誌會呈現白色 關 : 按表面兩秒表面標誌及圓環會亮白色燈光,關機後表面標誌和圓環的燈光會關掉會 使用 快速按表面兩下作開始或暫停拍子機功能 順時針方向轉動圓環能加速BPM 逆時針方向轉動圓環能降低BPM 自選拍子功能 連續按表面至少三次,Soundbrenner Pulse會按照按動的節奏震動及閃動 低電量提示 當電量少於20%,Soundbrenner Pulse會震動三次,同時圓環及標誌會同時閃動紅色亮光三次 連接提示 當與藍芽失去聯絡,Soundbrenner Pulse會自動轉成藍芽搜尋模式與其他藍牙裝置配對,圓還及標誌會轉成藍色 重新啟動 當Soundbrenner Pulse沒有反應只需將x放在充電器上當放在充電器上會重新啟動 -節拍圖以及樂器數位介面 為了那些演奏者,經常都會彈奏不同的BPM (Beat Per Minute)或節拍記號,我們新増了創造節拍圖的可能性。在手機上,為歌曲上設定不同的節拍記號及節奏組合,把它們儲存在清單裡。 或是你現在正在採用 “click track” 在音樂創作軟件上,我們也有考慮到你的情況。 官方手機軟件安卓及蘋果手機 Get it now on the Apple App Store: Get it now on […]